Tuesday, February 19, 2013



Duck = 1 1/2 kg
Fenugreek = 1 tea spoon
onion paste = 2 table spoon
Ginger past = 2 table spoon
Garlic paste = 2 table spoon
Corenda paste = 2 table spoon
Vinegar = 2 table spoon
Turmeric paste= 1 table spoon 
 chilli paste =2 table spoon
Oil = 1/2cup
Gram Marsala = 2 table spoon
Cumin paste = 1 table spoon
Green chilli = 5/6
Coriander paste=2 table spoon
Salt =as much as you need
onion slice = 1/2 cup 

  • process:-Slice your duck and rinse it. Mix all the ingredients without onion slice, gram Marsala, fenugreek and green chili,1/2 cup of oil and mix it with the sliced duck by using your hand .in a preheat pan cook it for 10 minutes. Now add  1 cup of water and cook it for another 20 minutes in a little heat
  • In another preheat pan,heat the oils.Add onion slice and stir it until turns brown.Add fenugreek, garam masala,and stir it for 2 minutes.Now add cooked duck and stir fry it for 3 minutes.After that add  green chili and cooked it for 5 minutes in little heat.now it's all done and ready to serve.


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